Monday, April 14, 2008

On Choosing Worship Songs

I am taking advantage of being sick today by listening to sermons from my favorite preachers. Listening to one by Alistair Begg right now from Psalm 32. In teaching on v. 7 " surround me with shouts (songs) of deliverance" he quotes Alec Motyer's book "Look to the Rock: An Old Testament Background to Our Understanding of Christ." It drives home the weight of responsibility that our young worship leaders will be carrying as they graduate from LBC and enter their careers. Motyer says:

"When truth gets into a creed or a hymn-book, it becomes the confident possession of the whole church."

Begg then adds:
"As a church sings, so a church will live."


One of the most important habits that I developed during my internship under Dan Perrin at CBC, was going through new worship songs with a fine tooth comb so as to root out "loose" doctrine. Begg's sermon underscores the importance of that process.

As we choose songs for worship, we are steering the very creed of our congregation!

Sobering stuff.

Back to blowing my nose.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lancaster Bible College Chamber Singers

The LBC Chamber Singers

Rob started this group in the Fall of 2007. They perform a wide variety of sacred a cappella music. Currently, their repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the 21st Century - from World Music to Motets. For more information, visit LBC's website